Pooshan Full Line of Rug Services

Rug Wash by Hand

Pooshan Full Line of Rug ServicesEvery rug need to be deep cleaned anywhere from two to five years depends on the usage and traffic patterns. Most of the time the surface of a rug by vacuuming show no dust or compound agents, this does not mean the rug is truly clean. Often dirt agents lay in and between dense rug fiber or rug pile.

Pooshan Full Line of Rug ServicesPrior to taking any kind of rug cleaning, knowledge about the type, age, dye and rug fiber is a must. There is no one method fit all kinds of rug cleaning. Some rugs with less stable dye –some Afghanis and Persians for example- need to use least amount of water in cleaning process. Dust extraction is the key to a real cleaning. Nowadays, by help of machines and vast array of chemicals rug cleaning became a matter of few minutes for some rug cleaners. Where effects of applying heavy chemicals on rugs create prolong damages to their life. At POOSHAN taking the time and making sure that rug is deeply cleaned is a proven process that all our customers can support this.

Rug Repairs

A quality rug will last for many decades. Most rugs need fringe or binding replacement when they are twenty or thirty years old. These are routine repairs that many rugs need.

Pooshan Full Line of Rug Services

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